Reaching new heights

We believe that a key factor for sustainable regeneration is the development of an active, motivated and capable community. Education, training, skills development and experience are major factors in helping to meet these needs. Achievement of this will ensure individuals and communities are able to obtain and maintain social and private enterprise which in turn will help families and individuals break the cycle of benefit dependency due to poor employment options.

In order to assist with this we aim to give:

  • Provision and access to a range of vocational training courses.

  • Support ex-offenders and long term unemployed clients to access training and work experience opportunities

  • Probation/police referral work

  • Provide mentoring and support as well as guidance services

“Everyone deserves to be able to better themselves but not everyone can afford to do so, or find the right way to go about it. We can help.”

Gary Clarke • Director


People of all ages benefit from the sharing of experience and guidance that mentoring can provide. We believe that the positive mentoring can be a great help in the development and progression of many in society.


A tangible qualification will help many to progress in a chosen career or in improving their chances of meaningful employment. We aim to help people navigate the best route for them to achieve.


We all have ‘experience’ our aim is to help share these experiences to help benefit those around us.


People really want to succeed, we can direct them along the right path, help with funding, mentoring and finding courses.