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We like many others are concerned with the physical improvements and overall regeneration required throughout many parts of the region. Derelict, underused, empty properties and areas of land can have a negative impact both visually and health wise, and our aim is to help refurbish properties and land to be used for much needed housing, leisure and enterprise developments. We therefore aim to work individually and with a range of partners to assist in the physical regeneration of our inner cities.

We work on projects such as:

  • Refurbishment of inner city empty properties

  • Open Space redevelopment

  • Community landscape projects

  • Maintenance and refurbishment projects for third sector, community based and faith sector organisations

“Happiness starts at home. If we can help people improve their environment it provides a strong foundation for developing the rest of their lives.”

Gary Clarke • Director


We believe that every person has the right to a safe, warm and dry home. Although as a society we face many challenges to achieve this, we are committed to work alongside a range of partners to help make a difference in this goal.


Working to help enhance the overall environment in which our communities are living. This includes both properties and open spaces.


We continue to seek opportunities and to work with a range of partners from all sectors to refurbish and renovate properties. We believe that both new build and renovation projects are needed to meet the housing shortage our society is currently experiencing.



Demand for housing is higher than ever and local councils are struggling to keep up. We can help people help themselves and live a better life.

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