We believe that essential to positive development is the encouragement to achieve and maintain good health and wherever possible, the improvement of health that may have deteriorated.

Our activities within this theme include

  • Physical health and exercise

  • Inspired Reps cycling club

  • Positive social interaction and wellbeing

  • Healthy eating

  • Tips and education on disease and illness prevention

  • Support services to elderly and other potentially vulnerable people.

    To include:

    • cleaning
    • shopping calls
    • visitation, support services
    • home maintenance etc

“When you come to a session you really, really sweat it out, and get those calories burnt and it’s brilliant!”



We believe that by increasing physical activity and exercise in even small and consistent steps will have a great impact on improving our physical, emotional and heart health.
Why not join us on the journey to better health?!

Healthy Eating

Studies are consistently proving the link between eating healthy and balanced meals with improved health, energy and vitality.
Alongside partners we aim to provide advice and examples on healthy and cost effective food and drink options!


Helping communities and individuals to combat the many things that can effect our physical and mental well being.
We aim to support the development of holistic well being from inside to out!


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.